Lorraine Quigley

Artist statement

Lorraine Quigley is a young artist from Wicklow. Lorraine has been formally diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Her most recent works have been around this particular theme of ASD and how the diagnosis has impacted her as an individual.

Lorraine is primarily interested in issues to do with mental health and bodily awareness. Her work has grown and progressed with her along her journey in the mental health sphere. It appears that for this young artist her art is used in a therapeutic way to aid her in making sense of and understanding her environment. Lorraine seems to work with very tactile materials and often gravitates towards materials like plaster, concrete and jesmonite. Lately however she seems to be drawn toward softer materials and fabric with some of her last works being hand embroidered pieces.

For more information and to see her work click here.