Alan Nugent

Artist statement

Alan Nugent sculptor and educator: As an artist and educator my practice focusses on the reuse and reimagining of discarded materials and turning them into sculptural Art pieces.

I have always had issues around the excessive amount of discarded industrial and domestic waste products, that we humans dispose of, without considering how this may affect the environment and the size of the carbon footprint we leave behind.

I look at discarded objects as an opportunity to create something new, giving the objects a new story, one that makes people question why we throw away and discard so many products.

As a sculptor and educator I want to teach the public and my students ways of creating art in a sustainable manner, using discarded materials by Reclaiming, Reusing & Reimagining to create something new.

Reawakening of their creative side that I believe every person has, and as an artist and educator, it is my duty to pass on what I have learned and how discarded waste objects can be reclaimed, reused and reimagined as materials to create new, interesting and exciting works of art.

My motto is simple Reclaim, Reuse, Reimagine.

Alan Nugent, artist, educator, sculptor

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